About Genistar

We are a Financial Education company. Most of us were not taught about money growing up. We went to school, prepared for a job, started earning an income; but were never taught how to do the right things with our money.

At Genistar, we teach basic money principles to middle income families.

There are two aspects to our company.

First, we believe in educating middle-income families about their finances.

We feel that an educated consumer is better able to make intelligent decisions for their own family in the areas of mortgages, consumer debts, insurance and investments. We teach families like ours, how money works. We provide our clients with education and a Personalised Financial Analysis (that we call the Financial Game Plan) for their family which identifies areas for improvement and gives common-sense alternatives. We are passionate about helping to save families.

Secondly, we are expanding. Much like an apprenticeship programme we are looking for people to train and mentor in our business.

There is an URGENT need to educate families about their finances. Debt is reaching crisis proportions globally and in particular the UK. So it has created an incredible opportunity in the marketplace for entrepreneurial-minded individuals. We are interested in interviewing people for either part-time positions or full-time positions. There are also opportunities in our company to open up new locations.